How to format Asus laptops with USB (2020 updated)

This page is all about how to repair basic issue about laptop such as how to make bootable USB Pendrive, how to format laptop, how to know properties about the laptop



How To Format Asus Laptop with the Pendrive or How To Format Asus Laptop With Flash Drive

This tutorial, I will help you to learn how to format Asus laptop with Pendrive or with flash drive without losing your data


To format your PC or Laptop you need basic things such as a bootable Pendrive or bootable CD and to create a bootable Pendrive you can follow the above instruction

procedure to format the laptop with bootable Pendrive

  • First of all, you need to insert you bootable Pendrive in any USB slot in the laptop
  • Then you need to copy all the download windows bootable file on that Pendrive
  • If you don’t have windows files you can download it from the Microsoft official website or you can click here to download
  • Once you have copied all the files in bootable Pendrive then you need to shut down your laptop to do so you can press windows key and press on power button so that you can shut down it
  • Then press the power button and immigrated press ESC button for Asus or F2 button For Asus or F10 or F12 for Dell and Hp laptops it will take you to bootable menu
  • Once you are in the bootable menu you need to navigate it to boot with the USB drive  and hit enter
  • It will take you windows menu where you have to select the windows 10 home and press next
  • then you need to select the drive where you have to install the windows files Such as C drive ie Primary drive in case of you have done partitions
  • after selecting the drive format it once and press next
  • it will install all the files automatically.
  • and here you have formatted the laptop easily


  • formating laptop deletes all the files and folders  containing in that disk drive
  • when you copy the file to the bootable Pendrive please make sure you don’t keep it in any folder, just paste it inside the Pendrive

How To Factory Reset Windows Without Any Disk or windows media installation

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to rest windows without any disk or windows media installation this is a new feature and only exist in windows 8, windows 8.1 and on Windows 10

procedure to do

  • Open start menu and type Settings
  • Click on update and Security option
  • Click on recovery and you will find Reset this PC section and click on get started
  • It will show two option such as keep my files and remove everything
Keep my option only removes the app and setting but keep your data while as remove everything removes all of your data, app and setting
  • Choose any of the options according to your need and press ok
  • You will find two other option again such as just remove my file and remove files and clean the drive
  • Choose always the Just remove my files as it will remove every very quickly
  • It will restart and you are done

There is an alternative way to do it

  • Open start menu
  • Then click on the power button
  • Press and hold the shift key and click on the Restart button
  • It will take you to the next screen
  • Select troubleshoot
  • Select reset my PC
  • Then you will find the same options as resetting your PC
  • That will reset your PC easily


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