how to create bootable pendrive

make bootable pendrive

This page is all about how to repair basic issue about laptop such as how to make bootable USB Pendrive, how to format laptop, how to know properties about the laptop

How to Create Bootable Pendrive

Bootable Pendrive is usually used for formatting a PC or Laptop or desktop, in this tutorial I will help you to make bootable Pendrive without any software so that you can use formatting windows or for upgrading windows.

To format a laptop or PC or desktop you need the following item

  1. Pendrive with 16gb memory
  2. latest windows
  3. and a laptop or pc

lesson 1: To create the bootable Pendrive 

  • To create a bootable Pendrive we need to insert the Pendrive into the laptop or desktop which so ever is available
  • After the Pendrive is inserted  Just go to the search menu on the start bar and type CMD (or Command Prompt) and open it as administrator
  •  when the command prompt will open you need to type the following commands in proper order

Inside the Command prompt type the following

make bootable pendrive

  1. Diskpart- you will enter into diskpart
  2. then type LIST DISK-(disk 0 online 931 GB/ disk 1 online 14.7 GB)
  3. SELECT disk 1-
  4. once you are in disk 1 type clean
  5. then type create partition primary
  6. then type select partition 1
  7. then type active 
    then type format fs=fat32 quick
  8. then type assign  (to provide any alphabet)
  9. exit 
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