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this website was build in march 2020 and this website gives a review about the Asus Laptops, it also gives suggestion about which laptop to buy either for gaming purpose or for personal uses

the website also reflects on the graphics card and will suggest you the best graphics card to buy and will even tell you whether it will run the upcoming games without any concern or you need to purchase a new graphics card. It is a platform where we talk about the specification of certain laptops and provide a fair review of the laptops.
Likely we share reviews about the Asus laptops and we provide certain Online services so that if you get stuck on your PC or laptop or desktop we share the perfect solution.

About ME

Energetic mechanical engineer with 1 year of experience, seeking to leverage proven cost, revenue, and budget maximization skills for Chalkoo enterprises, maintained 3 showrooms with many happy costumers.

Runs 3 blogs with except have a piece of great knowledge about laptops, smartphones, gadgets and love to travel, even a footballer and a snooker player.

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