Asus laptops Under 40000

Asus laptops Under 40000

Asus has been very much popular in laptops all over the world by providing the best quality laptop under different ranges. In this article, we will talk about the laptops under 40000 such as there specification and the best features so that you could choose the better laptop or the best laptop under 40000 for personal uses or gaming purpose.

Asus Core R540UB

Asus Core R540UB is a high-end powerful laptop with i5 8th gen processor and 4gb ram that makes multitasking pretty much easier, it has Asus smart gesture technology that helps to work more efficiently, it also performs the lag-free performance.

Asus Core R540UB Specifications


If we talk about the display ie the display comes in lively and vibrant shades which result in developing rich and bright colours.

Asus Core R540Ub model has an Asus eye care technology which reduces the high-level blue light of LCD by up to almost 33% which result in lighting the stress on eyes and help in working for more time.

  • It has a screen-type of Full HD LCD Anti-glare Display.
  • With Screen resolution of 1920×1080
  • It has a screen size of 39.62 cm (15.6 inches)


If we talk about its performance which is very much impressive. With such a powerful I5 Processor making it a high-end model gives you great read and write speed.

It has a PCMark technology which helps the processor to boost up 2X times.

  • As told it has intel I5 8th gen Processor,
  • With DDR4 4gb ram which can be extended up to 12gb later on.
  • it also comes with the variant of DDR4 8GB ram which can be extended up to 12gb later on
  • It doesn’t have the SSD but comes with 1TB HDD.
  • The clock speed of 1.6GHz with a turbo boost up to 3.4 GHz
  • Yes, of course, it has Graphics card NVidia Geforce M110 which is 2gb
  • the operating system is 64-bit Windows 10

Other Features

  • It has dimensions of 381×252×27 mm.
  • Weight is almost 2kg.
  • It has a CD/DVD Writer.
  • Comes with Chiclet Keyboard.
  • It has Asus Smart gesture, Asus Splendid, Dropbox, ICEsound.


  • It doesn’t have a LAN port


  • Full HD display
  • Battery backup up to 4.5hrs
  • Antiglare display

This Asus Core i5 processor comes under 40000 and you can get it under 38900 only and it is the best Asus laptop under 40000 with i5 processor and 8gb ram even has a graphics card.


Asus Ryzen 5 M509DA

Asus ensures for smooth performance and its laptop always come with much efficient features and functionality and this is the second choice under 40000

The Asus Ryzen 5 Quad Core comes with nano edge display and features the wide-angle which lets you enjoy the clear and rich audio and even this laptop come in figure print sensor to easy access.

Asus Ryzen 5 M509DA Specification



As said above Asus Ryzen 5 Quad-core comes with the nano edge technology so whenever you will watch video or movies you will experience clear view even this display features the wide view Full had pannel which comes with anti-glare coating.

this coating helps to the immersive viewing experience as by reducing distraction emanating for the reflections and glare.

  •  It has a screen size of 39.62cm (15.6 inches).
  • Comes with the screen resolution of 1920×10
    80 pixels.
  • Screen type of Full HD Backlit Anti-glare Display.
  • The sound properties areas it has Sonic master and audio is by ICEpower.

 Processor and Memory Features

Asus M509DA comes with the AMD Ryzen 5 Quadcore processor which less to deliver the seamless performance and even enriches the work efficiency of the laptop.

This laptop has ear HDD protection ie Ear HDD shock dampening, which protects the data from the damage caused by a sudden impact or by physical impact

  • It has an AMD Ryzen 5 quad-core processor.
  • Comes with the DDR4 8 GB ram which can be extended up to 12GB.
  • It usually has 1TB of HDD storage. 5400(RPM)
  • With a clock speed of 2.1GHz and can be boosted up to 3.7GHz.
  • It has an integrated graphics card of AMD Radeon Vega 8
  • Works with Windows 10 Home 64 Bit.

Other Features

  • It has a dimension of 360×235×22.9mm
  • With a weight of 1.9kg
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • No-CD/DVD drive
  • Chiclet keyboard
  • Brand warranty of 1 year without physical damage.


  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Full HD display
  • New processor technology
  • Ear HDD protection


  • Without CD/DVD drive
  • No Lan port

this is the best Asus laptop under 40000 and it will cost you under 40000 ie RS 36990 with such features I find it a perfect deal.

Asus X series

This Asus laptop features an impressive sound output and has an elegant and lightweight design.

it has a supercharged performance which helps in increasing read and writes speed during processing on the laptop, of course thus laptop comes with the PCMark and Physical data protection which can save your data even when you physically damage the Laptop. and this Asus laptop comes under 40000 with such premium features.

Asus X series Specification


This laptop comes with the Asus Splendid technology which excludes the colour temperature to produce the richer, and deep colour so that it could enjoy watching movies or working on it.

As it comes with the LED panels which emit the blue light which causes the eye irritation, but Asus provide the eye care technology with this laptop which reduces the blue light up to 33% and makes you read comfortably it has a screen size of 39.62 cm (15.6 inches).

  • the screen type of Ultra-slim HD Anti-glare Display.
  • with a screen resolution of 1336×768 Pixels.
  • without the touch screen.

Processor and Memory features

This laptop is processer with I3 seventh generation which helps in delivering the smooth and great computing performance that helps you work efficiently. It also has the best notebook audio sound quality which is by the combination of certain amplifier and chambers.

Asus has a smart gesture technology which features the laptop by utilizing an intelligent combination of certain hardware and software to give us accurate input resulting in providing the gesture control touchpad with amazing features.

The laptop also comes with the Asus ICe cool technology which helps you to work seamlessly for hours without getting hot.

  • It has an i3 intel processor.
  • Come with the DDR4 4gb ram which can be expanded up to 12GB.
  • And 1 Tb of HDD without the SDD storage.
  • Has a clock speed of 2.3GHz.
  • And has only integrated Intel HD 620 graphic card
  • Runs with the 64-bit Endless operating system.

other features

  • Doesn’t have a CD/DVD drive.
  • The keyboard of Chiclet Keyboard with Integrated Numeric Keypad.
  • Comes with the Asus Giftbox, Asus smart gesture, Asus splendid, Asus web storage sync agent, dropbox 25gb, Evernote, ICEsound, KKBOX, USB charger plus, WPS office.
  • Weight of 1.90kg
  • And the dimension of 381×251×27.2mm

This laptop has plenty of software feature and this is the best laptop under 40000, even we can say that it under 30000 and the cost of this Asus X series is Just RS 24490 X.


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